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      Chunfen Test Technology Service Co., Ltd. was established in 2016.  We were moved from Shanghai Chunfen which was began ib 2005. Our company is mainly been engaged in tech service, design and manufacture of test equipment and fixture.  
      Now, our company is formed by Suzhou facility and Changchun Branch. 
      In Suzhou Taicang, we already have a simulation crash laboratory , 3 static deployment test rooms for auto body and parts,  environmental reliability test laboratory,  automotive pipeline laboratory, and seat testing laboratory .
      We have a perfect personal structure and training system. There are more than 100 employees in the company. 5 of them have 15 years test experience,  more than 10 technicians have 10 years professional experience.
      In 2016 we built a new facility in Taicang, Suzhou, covering an area of about 8,500 square meters, of which the laboratory area is about 7,000 square meters & the machining center is 1,500 square meters By 2018. So far the total investment is about 50 million yuan, test facility is about 30 million yuan. In 2019, we purchased an other land in Shaxi Town, Taicang, for the expansion of the laboratory. We are further improving the business of environmental simulation, automotive pipeline test, seat test and battery performance test.
      “Accurate, satisfaction, improvement" has always been our motto. In any business area, our company will uphold this concept to provide customers with the best service.       

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